The above video from Oregon State University permaculture professor Andrew Millison is a great introduction to watersheds.

And in this TED talk Alan Savory explains how to reverse desertification by planned holistic grazing:  bunching and moving herds of domestic animals such as sheep and cattle.

Just below is a screen shot of land that healed using planned holistic grazing.

Snake River Music Gardens adds another element to planned holistic grazing:  log dams, also called beaver dam analogues.  These "leaky weirs" mimic the work of beavers, placing dams across gullies to slow the flow of water and spread the water into the lands above the dam.


Screen Shot 2022-02-12 at 12.15.03 PM

Snake River Music Gardens works in two watersheds:  Snake River Watershed (Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming) and the Nile River Watershed in Uganda.  See maps below.

This short video demonstrates wild bison + seasonal fire = healthy prairie (grassland).

Cattle in the Forest Garden

Photo Snake River Music Garden archives.  Cattle graze through well-tended forest in Baker County, Oregon

Maps of Nile River Watershed and Snake River Watershed

How to turn drylands into a water harvesting paradise.  Brad Lancaster, the subject of this film, was one of Lindianne's permaculture teachers in Tucson, Arizona.  Someday the Santa Cruz River will run year-round again, based on the principles in this film.

The fires burning in the summer of 2021 in the American west could have been much less destructive if foresters had removed fuel loads by doing prescribed burns.