The purposes of this page: (1) encourage folks to operate a Constitution

(2) educate folks to recognize autocratic governance.

Five Core Principles of Government

ONE.  Fiscal Responsibility

Government should have a limited budget that reflects the vitality of the state’s economy.
TWO.  Local Control

Governmental power and functions should be as close to the citizens as possible for maximum oversight, control, and responsiveness.
THREE.  Free Markets

Production and prices should be dictated by the laws of supply and demand without the interference of government in the way of subsidies, price controls, or over-burdensome regulation.
FOUR.  Limited Government

Our government should be charged with administering only those functions essential to society and that cannot be performed by private entities.
FIVE.  Personal Choice and Responsibility
Citizens must be free to pursue life, liberty, and acquiring property without undue government interference and to reap the rewards or bear the consequences of their decisions and labor.


The purpose of the electoral college is to maintain balance between small population states and large population states. Today, this is the balance between rural and urban electorates.

Urban electorates are dominated by consumers who did not grow up with rural values.

Rural (producer) values are different and provide a needed remedy or reality check to the large populations of consumers in urban America.  99 of 100 Americans were farming at the founding of America. Now half of one per cent of Americans are farming.

The source of the common sense and frugality of rural values, rural productive America has been overtaken by the urban administrative state: the illusion of unlimited resources (just print more money), target free and independent individual producers, force individual producers to run up huge legal bills, govern and close down rural producers (farms, ranches, family mining operations) by regulation, and steal the wealth created by producers.



The National Assembly is the movement, carefully based in the Constitution and Declaration of Independence, of Americans who are taking back popular governance of our country:

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