This brief and delightful video teaches the basics of mental health = freedom and responsibility.



This video describes companion planting.  Carrots love tomatoes!

Food Photos:  Outdoor cooking with bolete mushrooms, local eggs from Baker County, cubes of whole wheat bread to grind into bread crumbs, homemade pizza, pint of honey from HolloTree Bees 2021 harvest


Growing and eating genuine foods = humanity's birthright of health and freedom.  That is why we plant food forests that, once started, last forever.


2016-08-23 13.27.12
Food forest beginnings

The above video introduces companion planting in the food garden.


Top:  berries in the Alaskan tundra

Middle:  Corn in Uganda

Bottom:  baby broccoli plants in greenhouse


Families and homes are by nature the building blocks of civilization.

The base of society is man and woman teamed in marriage.  It takes a man and a woman to propagate children and perpetuate humanity.

Family farms and ranches provide food and shelter for their own young, stabilize culture over generations and provide food for humanity.

Family work on the land always has been and is the backbone of human economy. “Family” includes traditional mama-papa biological families and spiritual families—for example an orphanage, an intentional community, a same-sex gardening community, or a spiritual community such as an abbey.


To live a healthy life, eat  genuine foods.  Grow a garden if you can.  Snake River Music Gardens would love to help you start your garden if you are new to gardening.

To live a happy life, form families and remember that humans are social beings.  We don't do very well alone.  If you are alone, find a religious community that feels friendly to you, and learn to say, "How can I be of service?" Through service to others we find real community.

To live free of pain, remember that anger, rage, frustration and stress can cause mild oxygen deprivation in muscles leading to painful muscle spasms.