Watershed Management Can Green Any Desert on this Planet!

Why Beavers are important to watershed management!  Click on this brief and informative video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FR-5F9x-fmo


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Raleigh Lathan, Andrew Millison and the Permaculture Water Summit Team write:

Where Do We Go From Here?
Over the last 6 months we've planned this summit and it's finally complete. We hope it gave you insights and hope for restoring our ecosystems and reversing the existential water crisis we face across the world.  We don't want it to end here though...we're planning a suite of programs and followup events over the next 12 months.

How do I learn more and apply this in my day to day life?
We'll be sharing relevant courses and programs that you can take to enhance your education and practical experience for restoring watersheds and building water retention spaces.  Whether you want to do this as a career, a community advocate, or on your land, they'll be ways to keep learning and practicing.

What about the summit presentations (powerpoint, images, course links, etc)?
We'll be gathering summit materials over the next few weeks and posting them to the site, we'll notify everyone of updates when they're all live.

How do can I share the summit?
You can continue to spread the summit everywhere on social media and education, anyone who visits https://permaculturesummit.online and enters their email will get continuing access to the presentations.

May we restore our waters and build a better future.