This brief and powerful video, All Native American Prophecies Are Coming True, expresses the reality that mother earth is a living being.  Every true culture begins with the people's connection to earth, air, fire and water.


Riders at chutes, County Rodeo 2021

Photo Snake River Music Gardens archives:  riders gather at chutes at the Baker County, Oregon rodeo, 2021

Natural Resources + Culture = Economy

                          Natural Resources + Culture = Economy is the equation of Snake River Music Gardens.

What is culture?  The elements of urban culture are museums, music, art, dance, cafe and pub society, families, neighborhoods, schools, businesses, worship congregations, hotels and restaurants.

The rural view of culture includes all the elements of urban culture in small town form, PLUS the producer families who raise the plants and animals that sustain human life.  Culture includes living soil microbes that make plant life possible, wildlife, and forests which are the lungs of our planet.  Culture includes the fermentation micro-organisms responsible for such important foods as bread, cheese, beer, wine, yogurt, kefir, kombucha, miso, and kim chi.

The most essential element of culture is human families willing to engage in agriculture, live close to the land, get their hands dirty and pass on knowledge to their young.  Regenerative agriculture is a movement sweeping our planet, as human communities learn to reverse desertification and grow their own foods.  Rural culture includes music and art, especially in evenings after the day's work is done, and months-long cold seasons when people go indoors to read, study and create.  The young man shown below was studying music while his family farm waited under snow on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula.

Urban or rural, families are the building blocks of civilization.

Beginning piano student