Food Forest Land Fund is Snake River Music Gardens' initiative to purchase land for Ugandan families to grow food forests.  The land will belong to a Ugandan family or orphanage.  Please leave a comment on our contact page that you are contributing to the Food Forest Land Fund.  A one year commitment of $10/month or $20/month can make a difference in the life of a family or an orphanage, remove the looming threat of famine and set that family or orphanage on the path of food self-reliance.  Donors will receive reports (with photos!) on the food forest progress of lands purchased with these funds.

100 Families Campaign is a person-to-person, family-to-orphanage campaign to stabilize the work of our trusted friend and colleague Waiswa John Billy, who is raising 35 orphans at His Grace Children's Home.


Our unique policy:  100 Families donations go 100% directly to His Grace Children's Home.  Snake River Music Gardens covers all processing fees and administrative costs.  Waiswa John Billy informs us how he uses the funds and often sends photos of the results.  For example in his February report, we see photos of carpenters doing work for which we had paid two days previous.


Waiswa's sensible plan for self-reliance includes education in literacy, mathematics, and English language, food gardens, a food forest, chickens, rabbits, beekeeping and a music program.  Snake River Music Gardens is bringing together 100 families to pledge monthly sustaining amounts or one-time donations.  As of this update, June 25, 2022, 27 families have joined this campaign.  Thank you so much for your contribution.


Donors receive personal acknowledgment from Lindianne, quarterly reports from the orphanage, annual reports, and fellowship in a strong caring community that undertakes effective projects.  Sponsors of individual children can send email messages to their child and receive photos of their child.  Children old enough to write correspond with their sponsors.

Premiums are available at your option (some donors opt not to receive premiums):

$50+ you receive Lindianne's piano CD Arctic Child Suite or folk song CD American Man,

$100+ you receive Greensleeves, Lindianne's historical novel of Ireland and Scotland,

$250+ you receive a pint of Arthur's Hollow Tree Bees honey, when available.  (Honey will be available in the fall of 2022 from our hives located in the teaching garden in Baker City.

$500+ you receive a bright nylon hammock handwoven by Philly Mugweri and his apprentice weavers at Muga Child Outreach.

$1,000+ you receive a custom-knitted item from Grannies Fiber Arts Circle.


Lindianne and Arthur Sappington