Profiles in Self-Reliance

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Welcome to a leafy green world populated by humble human heroes of self-reliance:

Joseph Mulopi - Waiswa John Billy - Philly Mugweri - Juliet Mpande - John Manyi - Julius Gumisiriza - Simon Tumwijukye - Patrick Arinitwe - Niwamanya Onesmas - Andrew Gumpi - Owen Atwebembire - Agaba Josephat

Sandals-on-the-ground administration of orphanages, schools

and the food forest program of the fifth epochal revelation

in Uganda, Africa.

Self reliance profile:  Julius and Cossy Gumisiriza


     Julius and Cossy Gumisiriza are dedicated to caring for widows and orphans in western Uganda.

      Julius leads Youth in Act – Uganda’s food forest program in western Uganda.  For more information on the food forest program, visit the page Uganda Food Forest Program on Snake River Music Gardens website.

     Julius Gumisiriza authored the book "Great Adventures in Uganda's Fifth Epochal Revelation and Food Forest Program," sharing insights from his life’s work and spiritual journey.  Available  on Amazon

     In addition to providing shelter and support to widows and orphans, Julius actively spreads the teachings of the Fifth Epochal Revelation and leads two Urantia study groups in Uganda.  A student of Accounting and Business Administration at Uganda Christian University, Julius balances his education with extensive community service.

     Julius and Cossy are blessed with their first child, Happy Shine.  Thus Julius founded the Happy Shine Foundation - World Gospel Ministries Uganda, which you can learn more about on their ministry website


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